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Ollie and Liz


Ollie Playing With Her Toy.

There is a bird called Ollie,  who is unique and has her own mind, one day she decided to go on holiday with out telling her human. But her friend, Dime, knew and alerted their human. Who was most unimpressed, lucky they found her up a tree and kept visiting to encourage her to come home with Liz, who had Dime on her shoulder.

Ollie then realised going on holiday was not the best thing, as she missed her nice warm cages and her kisses and cuddles so she returned home after a week.

Her human was overjoyed! But as she watched her feathered friend, she noticed that something was not quite right.  A trip to the vet was needed, but no funds to do so! Liz had already lost two birds due to not having money to get to the vet quickly, so she asked on the Galah forum where she could turn to and was given helping steps on how to contact ‘Helping Wings’. So off they went to the vet, where it turned out Ollie had an infection and it was lucky to be caught early enough so she could get back to her unique self!

Ollie, Dime and their human, Liz, want to say thank you very much to Helping wings for the faith love and the support.



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