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Markus and Joan


Markus At The Vet

This is Markus’ ma, Joan, who is very grateful to everybody who helped us during the times when we need help the most.

About 11 months ago, Markus escaped from his aviary, due to my ex-husband letting him out, he knew this would hurt me as Markus’ is my happiness. Mine and Markus’ bond is more than that of a person and a pet, or that he is just a bird.  Markus is the best companion I have ever had, especially during my dark days in my violent marriage.

He gives me the love that not even a human can measure. Losing him was the loss of myself too. I looked for him day and night, rain or shine and even lost my job due to the stress.

His disappearance also taught me freedom. I had decided then it was time to move on from my abusive husband, who had let my Markus out. I didn’t give up looking for him, and shamelessly asked anyone I met in the street if they had seen a pink and grey bird, I had tips and calls that people had seen him and I was amazed at the support of the people of Glen Waverley community, especially with the help of Bec Feldman, who was the first person who saw him eating berries nearby.

Markus when he was sick.

Markus when he was sick.

Every time the rain poured, my thoughts were all about Markus, wondering if he had found a safe place from harm and shelter from the harsh weather. Every single day was important to find him and save him.

With the help and support from Jane Ayres and her daughter Shan, they lifted up my spirits and they helped me look around the area. I am very grateful to them and I can’t thank them enough.

Then there’s Markus’ friends all over the world, who never give up supporting us, from the time he was lost until he was found and then got sick. It is overwhelming and unbelievable that they don’t even know us personally yet they were there more for us than my family.

Another Good Samaritan is Mel Vincent and Tom who, just never say no whenever I need them, How lucky we are to have met these beautiful people.

Mairi Morrison was also a very helpful and generous friend. When I couldn’t think of what to do, she was right there always to provide me with everything. Having her as a friend is truly a treasure I have found.

The Chip-in page was over flowing with generous donations,some even gave their last cent, just to help us out. All contributions came from people who have a heart of gold. I admit, there were many times I considered giving up my own life, but seeing my friends helping to pull me up and help reunite me with my Markus, inspired me, supported me and showed that people care for me. It also made me realise that I have to do my part. with the loving support of these people and the Galah Owners Rock group- I was reunited with my darling Markus’- I wish that the tale ended there, happily- but there were complications.


Heavy metal poisoning X-ray of Markus.

Just before Markus’ 2nd birthday, October 2012, Markus become sick with metal poisoning from his cage. Lyn John of Helping Wings, generous organised for payment of Markus’ vet bills and then on Markus’ birthday, messaged me to let me know that Helping Wings had held an auction to raise fund to buy him a brand new cage.

What a fighter my lil’ pink and grey guy is, he has been through a lot, that I don’t think others   like him would have survived. Every time he gets sick, I take Markus promise me he will hold on for me and he won’t leave me again. The pain of losing him is not just losing a family member, but that of losing a piece of my heart and soul.

From the bottom of my heart, Markus and Ma would like to thank you all, I can’t name each one of you but you know who you are, that without your help, love and care , we wouldn’t be what we are now.

I love you.

Helping Wings would also like to thank the staff at Burwood Bird, Dog and Cat Veterinary Hospital for not only helping Markus get better and back home to Joan – but also for working with Helping Wings with Joan’s vet bill.


Markus all better!

Markus's New Cage From Helping Wings

Markus’s New Cage Thanks To Helping Wings

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