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The following are the most commonly asked questions we get about filling the criteria for help.

1. How do I go about finding you?

That’s easy! Just click here and you will be taken to our Facebook page where you can like, and then shoot us a message.

2. How do I go about asking for help?

Once you have liked the page, you need to send us a message with details of your situation.

We need to know what is wrong with the bird that it requires vet attention and pictures supporting this. Even if the pictures are disturbing or upsetting, we do need to see them and they do need to be clear and big as not only do we need proof of the bird and it’s ailment (if it is a visible issue) but we use these pictures if we need to hold a rapid fire auction or chip in account so that people can see the extent of the emergency.

3. So, what happens then?

Well. You need to contact your vet as soon as possible to make your appointment, when you do we need you to ask them if they are okay with an outside organisation paying your vet bill depending on the case and what funds we have available at the time. You can always send them to our Facebook page and they can contact us there.

We then need a quote on how much it will be and if they agree to the outside payment, we also either need their:

– Banks details (Account name, BSB, account number and reference required)

– Their PayPal email address.

– BPAY details.

If you need urgent attention, you need to ask if they are okay with payment AFTER the fact. We DO NOT deposit into personal bank accounts so that you can pay the Vet.

4. What if I end up paying the bill, can you reimburse me?

We normally do not pay directly into personal bank accounts, this is a tough issue and needs to be discussed between the admins of the group and is only approved in certain cases. Sometimes we will need proof of the vet bill, whether it be in the form of a receipt or whether we ask for your vets contact details so we can contact them ourselves.

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