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Auctions & Donations

Each year we hold auctions on our Facebook page with various bird related items and other random goodies to help us raise the money required to help us help you! We have a set date and time that the Auctions start and end, but we do put preview albums up so people can put reserve bids on any item that catches their eye!

If you have something you wish to donate to the auctions please email us.

Auction Payments

Once the auction has closed, you will be contacted by an Admin in regards to your winning bid(s) total and be asked for your address so that we can give you your total, including postage and handling. Payments are required to be made into the Helping Wings PayPal account within a reasonable amount of time, unless other arrangements have been met.

If you do not have a PayPal account, please advise the Admin that contacts you of this so that alternate arrangements can be made. You can click the PayPal button here in the ‘Auction Payments’ section as it is set up already with the reference ‘Auction Payment’, please do NOT use the donate button in the next section as the reference is ‘Donation’ and will be seen as such.

Please note that your Auction items WILL NOT be sent until payment has been received. The crew at Helping Wings thank you for your support!

PayPal securely processes donations for Helping Wings. You can complete your payment with just a few clicks.


Whilst we do hold auctions, we do rely on getting some kind hearted donations where people can manage it.

We appreciate that times are tough- If you can’t afford a monetary donation, do you have something you are willing to offer up for auction? You would be surprised how quickly a few dollars per member will fill the nest!

So if you find yourself with a few spare dollars in your account- why not swing them over to our PayPal account?

PayPal securely processes donations for Helping Wings. You can complete your donation with just a few clicks.

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PayPal Donations
PayPal Donations
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